Rieju will produce previous enduro Gas Gas

Rieju will produce previous enduro Gas Gas

March 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Torrot Electric Europa and Rieju SA have announced an agreement that allows them to sell and produce former Gas Gas models, previously produced in Girona before the acquisition of the Spanish brand by the Austrian company Pierer Mobility AG.

The press release said that the intellectual property and production rights of the famous Spanish enduro now belongs to Rieju.

The Spanish company Rieju will continue to produce 250- and 300-cc models of EC, XC and GP, developed in 2017, as well as Ranger 2019. They promise to start delivering the new model range of 2021 in June 2020.


After the sale of Gas Gas, many questions arose. KTM has its own plans for the development of the Gas Gas brand, while there are many models left that can still be produced and also need to be supported. Rieju, seeing the opportunity to enter the competitive enduro market, did not miss the opportunity. The Spaniards already have a good dealer network and experience.

Let’s see what happens. The key point in this story is the fact that the Gas Gas push-pull models have worked well. Rieju will continue their production and full support. We know for sure that these motorcycles are effective. Christoph Nambotin, Antoine Basset, Jonathan Barragan, Danny McCanney and Alex Snow showed a good level in world and national series.

Rieju will take over the production at the factory in Fegeres (Spain). By the way, Rieju boasts a 75-year history and produces 12,000 motorcycles a year. 85% of products are exported to 40 countries.