Richard Hammond sent to a desert island for a new show Amazon

Richard Hammond sent to a desert island for a new show Amazon

August 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ex-Leader of Top Gear will be made up of a designer from Legend Destroyers

Amazon will soon launch a new show, hosted by Richard Hammond and Salvatore Belechi. The former has many years of work on Top Gear and The Grand Tour, while the latter has participated in Legendary Destroyers.

As part of the new show, Hammond and Belechi will survive a shipwreck and find themselves on a desert island. There they will have to use all their survival skills and vast experience in engineering to literally from scratch, using improvised means to “build a new world.” The idea, apparently, was gleaned from Jules Verne’s “Mysterious Island”.

According to the authors of the entertainment program with a popular scientific bias, among the tasks of Hammond and Belechi will be the construction of a hydropower water wheel and some “jumping” cars. The name of the show is kept secret, as is the release date of the first episode.

Earlier it became known about the launch of a car show from Netflix, which will be a response to the Amazonian Grand Tour. Charlize Theron acted as the producer of the program, which, of course, will appear more than once in the frame.