Riccardo: We still have to figure out the news

Riccardo: We still have to figure out the news

May 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Renault prepared a lot of new products for the Spanish stage, but so far Daniel Ricardo is not too impressed …

Daniel Riccardo (15th): “In the short series of laps we lack speed, and our rivals are very fast, so we were left behind, but in the long run the car is more competitive.

In the morning in the very first series of circles I liked the behavior of the car and the effect of new products. I guess, then we hit a dead end, after which we could not make much progress during the day. With the novelties you need to figure it out. It is worth taking a few steps back to consistently analyze everything.

In general, the feelings are positive, although the results will not tell. I hope that tomorrow we will be able to figure out and qualify for the qualification finals. I think the car is worth it. “

Niko Hulkenberg (14th): “It’s quite a regular Friday, especially there’s nothing to talk about. We drove a lot of short and long series, assessed the effectiveness of tires. In Barcelona it is always difficult to find the optimal balance, and we still have something to be clarified. The behavior of the car was not perfect, I hope, before the qualification we will be able to add. “

Nick Chester, Technical Director: “In the first training session, we evaluated the innovations, in the second we performed the usual program – we worked with short and long series of circles, comparing the behavior of different rubber compounds.

The pace on the short series and the balance of the car while leave much to be desired – you need to find the reasons and achieve more tomorrow. In the long run, we are more competitive, especially on Medium tires. ”