Riccardo: The best pizza in the world is baked in Monza!

Riccardo: The best pizza in the world is baked in Monza!

September 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

When Daniel Riccardo played for the Red Bull Racing team, in total he managed to climb the podium 29 times – this happened on different tracks, but Monza is not among them.

Maybe that’s why the Australian rider, now playing for Renault, wants to fill this gap, although he is unlikely to succeed in the upcoming weekend, given the speed of his car. However, he loves the Italian stage of the championship for several reasons, one of which is directly related to local gastronomic traditions.

Daniel Riccardo: “The Monza podium must be the best of the year.” It is located above the start-finish line, where all the fans go out after the race, and it feels like they have a genuine passion for motorsport. And there is no perfect order in the stands – the audience just jump over the fence. I think that it is people who create this special atmosphere.

There are Ferrari fans all around, they light fires, so everything is shrouded in clouds of colored smoke – it looks cool. The circuit is located in the park, which creates a sense of pristine.

And I have to add one more thing: the best pizza in the world is baked in Monza! At least it was there that I ate the most delicious pizza, and I have been in Monza since 2007. In my opinion, last year I ate four pizzas in seven days! But especially before I go to Monza, I go on a diet! ”