Riccardo: It is necessary to increase the pace of modernization

Riccardo: It is necessary to increase the pace of modernization

March 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to Daniel Riccardo, Renault should be upgraded at 2019, if the factory team of the French automaker wants to close the gap with the top three.

“Our main goal this year is to finish the season in the 4th place of the Constructors’ Championship or even go even higher,” said the Australian. – The gap from the first three is great, and it will not be played quickly. To make this possible, it is necessary to more intensively refine the machine.

Communicating with Niko Hulkenberg and gradually understanding how the team works, I know that last year the pace of modernization was lower than expected. We need to figure out what needs to be done to make the car better, but also to ensure that all necessary updates are implemented as quickly as possible. This will be the key factor on which our ability to close the gap depends.

It is impossible to accurately predict what results a team is capable of. We still have work to do, and now we must focus on that. We are progressing, but as we move forward, the amount of work on fine-tuning the machine will only increase. I’m going to Melbourne with the feeling that I was already like Renault, and I want to start the race as soon as possible! ”