Riccardo: I’m in the role of catching up this year

Riccardo: I’m in the role of catching up this year

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the days of the Australian race weekend, Daniel Riccardo is always busy more than other racers, because interest in him is traditionally high at home, and this year especially, because now he is in favor of the Renault team.

Daniel Riccardo: “The schedule for this week is very tight, but I’m used to it, everything is expected. But even good, when there is a lot of work, it means that people have an interest!

At the beginning of the new season there is always a lot of excitement, I changed the team, but many other changes took place in the paddock, a number of other riders also went from team to team. So, of course, I’m very busy this week, but it’s great that we’re not combining the most interesting things, for example, compulsory communication with the press, with more fun activities. However, the start of the weekend is getting closer, and after 24 hours I will sit behind the wheel of a car.

Finally, we get a more accurate picture of the balance of power. We saw something already on the tests, but not so much, so now it’s interesting to see how everything will look here. How Renault was able to get closer to the three top teams, I do not know yet. But we finished the tests with a positive mood, because we tried out some new products, and they showed themselves well, this is encouraging. But a few more days will pass, and we will find out! ”

During the press conference, Daniel was asked what were his chances of winning the home race, because everyone would like to see how he dives into a lake in Albert Park, because he celebrated last year’s success in the Grand Prix of Monaco with a dip in the pool.

“I hope you want to see how I dive into the lake, and not my car falls there? – Aussie responded cheerfully. – To win early in the season, I may need the help of rivals! Of course, there is a chance, since there is an opportunity to overtake, especially at the start, but talking about victory would be overly optimistic. However, this year I am in the role of a catch-up, and this is also fun! ”