Ricardo: We will definitely not be the last in Melbourne

Ricardo: We will definitely not be the last in Melbourne

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Pierre Gusley was among those riders who, during the pre-season tests in Barcelona, ​​did not escape trouble: he twice crashed the Red Bull car – and in the first week of the tests, and the second.

Daniel Riccardo, who is now in favor of Renault, was asked what he thinks about the two accidents involving the French rider, who took his place in the Red Bull Racing.

“At least in the case of me, the team saved a lot of money, that’s for sure, because I rarely got into accidents,” the Australian answered with his usual humor. “But I have nothing against Pierre, it’s just a joke, because it’s still better if this kind of trouble happens now, on tests, than during races.”


But I didn’t closely follow what my former team was doing in Barcelona, ​​which, by the way, we parted very well. In general, I watched the results, trying to understand which of the teams doing well, but did not pay Red Bull Racing more attention than the rest. I hope they built a good car. ”

In Renault quite successfully coped with the program of tests, the new machine R.S.19 makes a good impression, being distinguished by the stability of behavior on the track. The upcoming racing debut as part of the new team Riccardo is waiting with particular impatience, because he will be held in his homeland, in Australia.

“I will come to the race in Melbourne with a new team, because of this, the upcoming event seems to me even more beautiful! – shared Daniel. – I do not expect that we will break into the first row of the starting field, but we will not be the last to go.

I think in the middle of the peloton a very sharp struggle will unfold. Much depends on which of the riders better hold the second qualifying session. I expect the results to be solid, and three or four positions will fit in a couple of tenths of a second. The three top teams still have some advantage, but behind them all will show comparable speeds.

However, what we will see in Melbourne is not an indicator yet, and in order to understand the balance of power, you will have to wait for a few races. ”