Rhino cared car with people

Rhino cared car with people

August 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The incident occurred on July 30 in a safari park, located near the Mexican city of Puebla. The rhinoceros sensing the female, decided to show off before her and attacked the car with tourists.

The video shows how a big adult rhino attacks a crossover with tourists. By the size and weight of the male at least not inferior to the machine, and therefore easily moves it with his horn: he first hurts the left rear tire, and then picks up the bottom of the horn and raises the car. The frightened driver pressed gas, but the rhino did not calm down and began to pursue the car. Only the efforts of the minions of the rhino safari park managed to distract and allow tourists to retire to a safe distance.


None of the people during the attack was injured, but the car received significant damage. The press service of the park Africam Safari reported that the reason for the attack of the rhino was finding a nearby mating ready for mating: an adult male sensed it and decided to demonstrate its power by attacking a foreign object. After the incident, the rhino was moved not the remote territory of the park, where it will be until the end of the mating season.