Rezvani introduced the Tank Military Edition SUV

Rezvani introduced the Tank Military Edition SUV

July 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Rezvani Motors Company declassified the new version of the Tank SUV, which is not afraid of gas attacks or bullets from assault rifles, – Military Edition. To pay for the defense will have a lot – is it worth it?

The new modification of the car finally allows you to partially justify the name of the model – Tank. Now the SUV can be ordered with the 7th level of ballistic protection. This literally means that the Tank Military Edition is able to withstand shots from a firearm having a caliber of up to 7.62 x 51 mm.

The fuel tank, the radiator and the place for the battery have received Kevlar armor, for the bottom of the Tank Military Edition, they have provided anti-explosion protection. The car is equipped with wheels with military tires, which have the characteristic features: the air pressure regulation system, a special tread pattern, the rim design is detachable and provides a tight fitting of the spacer-sealing ring.

Just so in the interior of the SUV not to get – the doors have electromagnetic locks, and for negotiating with conventional invaders, provided for external speakers and a microphone.

The lights, according to the manufacturer, are able to turn night into day, and if they are not enough, then the “chandelier” built into the roof in the windshield area will come to the rescue.

Also in the equipment of the Tank Military Edition included a night vision system, a set of gas masks, a kit for first aid and assistance with hypothermia.

In the base of the Tank Military Edition from Rezvani Motors received a reinforced suspension, but as an option, you can order an additional lift of 15.2 cm, Fox shock absorbers and Dynatrac ProRock bridges.

For the regular Rezvani Tank, a 506-hp eight-cylinder HEMI with a capacity of 6.4 liters is offered. For the military modification Dodge’s Hellcat is available for 717 hp.

Interestingly, the Rezvani Motors’ optional engine costs about 65,000 dollars, while the Dodge Challenger Hellcat 2019 model year itself, whose donor heart can be installed on the Tank Military Edition, can buy 58,650 dollars.

The price for the novelty starts from 295 000 dollars, the usual version of the Tank costs a lot cheaper – from 159 000 dollars. Recall that Tank – a new model of Rezvani Motors, which was presented in late 2017.

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