Review New 2018 BMW X5

Review New 2018 BMW X5

September 29, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Each new generation of the BMW X5 is still selling better than the previous one. Moving to the modular architecture of CLAR brought another cross-over with the index G05 and pneumatic suspension, and a lot of new electronics. Test drive showed that against the background of any of the predecessors is a conceptually different car. He is conservative in appearance, and behind and at all may seem inexpressive, but the design is deceptive and hides the technique of the new ideology, at the same time successfully masking the completeness. The width now exceeds two meters.

From the driver’s seat the X5 is clearly massive due to the wide central tunnel, the thick steering wheel and a fairly high landing. There will be no more conventional pointers. Sorry, because the digital panel is done inept. Than trying to find important information in a heap of small characters, it’s easier to get used to using a projection display, because it’s beautiful and has a wide range of functions. The new climate control unit with key temperature control also needs more attention than the crippled handles.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

Finishing is good, even the shift knobs on the backside are upholstered with soft material. Under the cover below the console – coasters with optional cooling and heating. In the spokes spokes – autopilot lamps, meaning “take the helm”.

On the move, it is difficult to snatch even the digital speedometer. The shield is easily illuminated and dirty. In the upper part – the camera, watching that the driver is not distracted from the road. No matter how many I glanced around, I did not wait for warnings.

But all the settings of the machine can be saved in the “cloud” – and, sitting in another X5, equip it as your own with a few clicks on the touch screen. For personalization, a serious bet is made. The central display has remained isolated, and the cockpit X5 does not look as progressive as the new Tuareg. However, thanks to the seventh generation operating system (it’s no longer called iDrive), it’s more logical than the menu, and the initial screen can be modified using widgets. His graphics and responsiveness are almost flawless.

The software is updated with a Wi-Fi connection, you can open the machine with an NFC-smartphone tag, you can teach the 360-degree viewer yourself to be included in a certain geography – for example, at the entrance to your yard. Clearly, there is a system of reference on the lane and active cruise control, although their work seemed to me a little more harsh than in the new Mercedes. But you can forgive everything for one new “chip”.

A block of light switches tells us that the car is ready to take over everything. The display shows the column of the main icons on the left, and on the right side – the widgets chosen by the driver. In the cabin there are both traditional USB ports, and USB-C.

You sit behind the wheel, with difficulty you find a flat start button that has moved to the tunnel. You turn on the back gear, put a virtual check mark on the touch screen and … take your hands off the steering wheel. Then you just press on the pedals to not exceed 35 km / h, – the car will automatically drive back, exactly repeating the trajectory of the last 50 meters, by which he drove here (even if several days have passed). The accuracy of maintaining the track line is high – it is checked both on the site with gradient and on soft ground. A real find for close yards, and it’s not even clear how they lived without it.

On the test car there are “comfortable” seats, which nevertheless have noticeable lateral support. You can order and sports seats. Handrails on all the doors are too hollow, it is inconvenient to tackle them.

And if earlier X5 was associated mainly with pressure, brutality, even some aggressiveness, then the highlight of the new machine is the screens, autopilotics and excellent noise insulation, letting only tapping the pebbles on the arches. The optional air suspension leads the driving comfort to a new level (there were no machines without it at the presentation). Despite only one-chamber cylinders, X5 magically smoothes out any road, sometimes in the American spirit, by shaking unsprung masses on a too large pit. The settings for the markets on both sides of the ocean, by the way, are the same.

For loading, X5 is lowered by 40 mm (including by command from the key fob). In the Sport mode – by 10-20 mm, as well as at speeds over 140 km / h. When punctured, the suspension reduces the load on the Run Flat tire by driving the wheel 20 mm up, with the opposite side lowered by the same 20 mm.

In the driver’s sensations the car also softened. There are rolls, wooliness, and the steering wheel released in the turn stabilizes reluctantly. True, my xDrive 30d was with passive stabilizers of lateral stability, and you can order mechatronic ones. The optional “integral steering” is sharp and pleases with precise responses in steep turns. However, to be sure of the presence of the rear steering gear, I had to climb under the body. Only with very large lateral accelerations can you feel the cur rent behind. Asphalt hitch of wide tires (at the back – 315 mm!) Amazes …

Even the base glossy joystick boxes quickly zalyapyvaetsya, and optional transparent – especially. The buttons on the tunnel are a single unit with vibrating output. The parking display on the screen is elegant, but the cameras are not protected from dirt.

It is not enough to say that Cayenne remained unattainable. Their paths-tracks with X5 now radically split. With the change of generations, even the basic Porsche more strongly involves the driver in the management process. And X5 gave a roll, in a literal and figurative sense, in the direction of isolation from the bustle. Significantly updated engines at the presentation were not even discussed. Accelerates xDrive 30d spore, but somehow everyday. The only “brisk” feature of the settings is the intensive response to the movement of the gas pedal at the beginning of the stroke.

The angles of entry and exit at a regular height of 25.2º and 22.3º, respectively. The ramp angle is 20.2º. The crossover is ready for a 50-centimeter ford at a speed of up to seven kilometers per hour, and with air suspension it can be 40 mm deeper. The Off-Road package includes power protection.

But thanks to pneumatic suspension the passability has reached a new level, if not to say – to a new height. At speeds up to 30 km / h, the ground clearance can be increased from the base 214 mm by another 40. This is done either manually or by selecting one of the four modes provided by the Off-Road package. They change with a convenient key on the tunnel. If X5 is stuck, then by analogy with Land Rover cars, the automatics can lift the body by another 30 mm, up to 284. And most importantly, it’s very pleasant to go off-road. The wheels roll gently through the stones and pits, there is no knocking at the steering wheel, even when the body is taut, and the work of the electronic assistants is effective.

Traditional two-leaf tailgate for X5 is very convenient. Docking is offered only for a surcharge. On the right photo – optional roof rails with inflatable rubber inserts for movement of cargo.

In the comfortable-family paradigm, only the layout of the salon does not fit. The car is almost five-meter high, but the space on the back sofa is not felt. With an increase of 187 cm, I sit down “for myself”, leaving only three to five centimeters in front of my knees. You will be surprised, but the sofa is not adjustable even on the angle of the backrest. Seven-seat version with an electric adjustment of the second row along the length in the Russian configurator is missing … And the trunk is good. He kept a convenient two-winged lid with the servo drive of both halves. For a surcharge, a system for fixing the load by means of inflatable ridges built into the rails located on the floor is proposed.

In the braking system, there is no mechanical connection between the pedal and the master cylinder. Control “by wire” allows you to save the driver from vibration on the pedal when the stabilization system operates. The brakes did not raise questions.

Every new generation of BMW X5 is interesting not only in itself, but also as a software statement. The current car makes it clear that BMW globally keeps the course for autopilots, personalization, turning the car into a convenient gadget, the use of which should be as comfortable as possible. This is not news, but how the new ideology is implemented in the metal, causes respect. However, to call the X5 a great car, the language does not turn.