Review Mercedes AMG GT R Pro

Review Mercedes AMG GT R Pro

April 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

While Porsche launches all new crossovers, Mercedes decided to respond in the most insidious way and enter the sacred territory of the track supercars. Usually, countless modifications of the 911 have set the tone, and now they have an alternative – the Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO. Game of thrones among track cars?

The reason for our arrival at the AMG plant is more global – the entire family of the Mercedes AMG GT received a facelift: the headlights’ lighting technology (note the luminous check marks in the headlights) and rear lights, the design of the rims and the rear bumper changed. However, no more than that – changes in technology, alas, is not observed. But everything becomes much more interesting when you get acquainted with a new radical modification in the GT R PRO family.

The long lip of the front splitter, which is supported by two steel amplifiers, so that it does not fall off at a max speed of 318 km / h. Adjustable wrench rear wing with a “Gurney stripe” – an additional pad, which further deflects the air flow up, pressing the car to the ground.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

In the front wings some unusual grilles that can not be found even on very serious supercars. The decision is so purely racing and specific that it was not immediately recognized by the specialist in the aerodynamics of ordinary road Mercedes, I asked him a question about them at another event.

It turned out that the front wheels disturbed the air flow around them in such a way that there is an area of ​​increased pressure and lift, so that the grilles simply blow out excess air from the arches and improve the clamping. By the way, the GT R PRO rides in the North Loop in 7:04. Not a record, but tens of seconds faster than most all-wheel drive supercars.

Why not make such grids on all machines? Maybe due to the fact that they are through and pull out from the arches not only air, but also dirt?

The interior has an unusual mix of gadgets of the updated AMG GT family and racing options that are already in the database: a standard Mercedes wheel, but in a glossy black design, with a microfiber rim and separate buttons for customizing sport modes. Bring the car into a combat position is now easier nowhere.

Before our eyes, the electronic dashboard, which replaced the analog dials, which in the new Supersport mode is able to blink a scarlet color, calling for a switch to the next gear. But why, if the automatic mode of the box works even better than the cooling arm of the steering wheel petals?

And dashboard even more than the updated multimedia screen: 12.3 inches versus ten and a quarter! Alas, the multimedia itself without a touchscreen, with an already outdated touchpad. Some A-class in this sense looks much more modern. The central tunnel has become even more massive, and each button on it represents a screen that shows what you have changed with your touch.

A cramped carbon bucket with a single mechanical adjustment is also equipped with 4-point belts – you don’t get into the office every day, but the safety cage behind the back is unequivocally reminded of the purpose of the car. Only the smooth asphalt of the racetrack and small rushes to it from the garage.

In general, we were not allowed to go on public roads on the AMG GT R PRO – only to the Hockenheimring! First, the ritual action with the snapping of the four straps, the tensioning of their straps, to become one with the bucket. Now you can’t even reach the glove box, and you can’t even see the traffic lights at the crossroads! With the visibility of all AMG GT models in general is not very – too narrow windshield.

Further start of the motor and setup of the car before arrival. For example, the choice of the operating mode of the traction control system. This is a special feature of the track Mercedes, which allows you to disable the stabilization system and regulate only the degree of control of the electronics over the rear wheels.

Say anything, but I just transferred the stabilization system to the sport mode and left it on – even if those who were awake play with traction control and were waiting for something like that to be inserted into a Mercedes. I doubt that the Germans would even believe in the existence of such a machine, if you tell them about it 20 years ago. Judging by her every detail, she just ran off at night from the Porsche factory.

I must say, modern supercars no longer demolish the tower by acceleration – even electric cars now know how to drive out of four seconds to a hundred, where locomotive traction from the first milliseconds of impact on the gas pedal tickles your nerves even sharper.

In general, 3.6 seconds to 100 km / h in the characteristics of the GT R PRO is definitely not a record. Rear-wheel drive car, which means that starting from a spot for the GT R Pro is not the main discipline. Yes, in the back presses! Yes, the engine roars violently, but the show itself begins when the car enters the turn.

Sports screw suspension not only tightly clings to every millimeter of asphalt, but also amenable to fine-tuning. Do you want to clamp the front carbon stabilizer bar and play with the characteristics of shock absorbers? No problem at all. Set up aerodynamics for the gagging track? You just need to look for a wrench.

As a result, the GT R PRO cuts every turn with a sharp scalpel. The front is loaded with air, which puts pressure on the splitter and small deflectors on the edges of the bumper – a distinctive feature of sports cars that claim to be fast on the North Loop. This machine generally focuses downforce placed on the front

The reactions are accurate, sharp and unambiguous, but the most important thing is that the “projectile” is capable of turning at speeds that are hard to believe while driving the AMG GT’s initial coupes. This car stands on the border of supercar showcases and real racing equipment, where the faster you drive, the more the car presses into the asphalt working aerodynamics.

As a result, not overclocking is remembered, but an incredible level of lateral overloads and a hard hit with straps to the chest during braking. Composite mechanisms inside the wheels are forced to hang on the straps, as on the parachute lines.

However, on the fast flat back straight Hockenheim, at a speed of about 240 km / h, the GT R PRO brings to mind that there is rear-wheel drive. A four-wheel drive car would be friendlier and more stable. But if you want sharp, unfiltered sensations …

However, wait! 585 horsepower under the hood – it’s less than the 4-door coupe AMG GT. It turns out that this is not the end: the Germans left a reserve for power for an even more extreme version of the coupe.

Still, before the time of the Porsche track on the North loop of Mercedes has not reached, and the empire is preparing to deliver a new blow. I would buy this car as an investment. A total of 750 such coupes will be released, and one day they will not lose, but grow in value.