Review Mercedes-AMG A45

Review Mercedes-AMG A45

August 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Even at the initial stages of development, this project began to grow into myths. Rumor has it that Mercedes-AMG is testing not just the next-generation A45 hatchback, but a certain “Predator” with an incredible engine. The output of the magadrive will exceed the mark of 400 hp, which will help the new product become the fastest car in its class.

So, most of these rumors turned out to be true, and only the brutal name “The Predator” the Germans rightly did not spread beyond the prototype stage. Now the company is calling the new generation serial hot hatch a little less aggressively a supercar in a compact class. In this definition, some notes of pomposity are still read, however, the guys from Affalterbach have every right to do so.

That’s because the new Mercedes-AMG A45 S is gaining a hundred in just 3.9 seconds, leaving behind not only all its classmates, but also, for example, more serious cars like the Porsche 911 Carrera. Moreover, the claimed acceleration to 100 km / h in the new product meets the parameters of the 600-horsepower Aston Martin DB11, and he laughs openly at the famous supercars from the past.

Sensation number two: in the womb of the AMG A45 S, it’s not at all an elephant-like V12, but a two-liter four-liter supercharged engine developing 421 hp. and 500 Nm of torque. Once again: the Germans remove more than 400 forces from two liters of volume. True, in the standard version, the hot hatch engine produces 381 hp. and 475 Nm.

In 2014, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution had a jubilee version with a 446-horsepower two-liter engine, but such a sedan came out in a frivolous edition of only 40 copies, which were released exclusively for the British market. So we can safely say that the Mercedes-Benz AMG A45 S currently has the most powerful serial four-cylinder unit in the world.

The Germans squeezed the most out of the new engine without any electric turbines, small auxiliary motors and batteries. The 16-valve power unit of the new AMG A45 S, as in the case of the A35 version, is installed transversely, but at the same time rotated around its axis by 180 degrees. This is done so that the dual-flow turbine and exhaust manifold are located at the rear, and the intake manifold is at the front. Such a scheme helped to create an aerodynamically verified design of the front of the body and, ultimately, reduce delays in the operation of the supercharger.

AMG engineers first decided to install roller bearings on the compressor and turbine shafts. The technology borrowed from the four-liter V8 engine of the AMG GT supercar makes it possible to reduce friction inside the supercharger and improve its response. The cooling system is also not so simple: the head of the cylinder block is cooled by a mechanical water pump, and the block itself cools down thanks to an electric water pump. Finally, even the air conditioner is involved in the cooling process of the unit.

The engine is paired with an eight-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches and gives traction to all wheels through an electronically controlled clutch. Two more of these are in the rear axle gearbox and give up to 100% of thrust to one of the rear wheels. This not only allowed to improve the process of cornering, but also to add a special drift mode.

If you want to give an angle, you need to transfer the controller to the “Race” mark, turn off the stabilization system, put the box in manual mode and pull the paddle shifters towards you. After that, the electronics will go into a special mode of operation and allow the car to go into a controlled skid. The front axle remains operational and allows you to instantly go to a set of speed after the end of the slip.

In total, there are six driver modes in the car, and in each of them the electronics distributes traction, taking into account speed, angle of rotation of the wheels, longitudinal and lateral accelerations. Thanks to this, the car condescendingly forgives mistakes that inevitably arise for a driver who, for the first time in his life, drove onto a racing track. In our case, onto the ring of the former Formula 1 “Haram” circuit near Madrid. You get used to the intricacies of turns and the abundance of hairpins instantly, constantly increasing the pace and getting more and more doses of adrenaline.

But in the city, this is not so. One has only to press the accelerator, as four 90-mm nozzles begin to shoot an echoing symphony, and a flashing icon on the projection display reminds that the speed limit is exceeded after a couple of seconds after the start. At low speed, the car behaves with slight nervousness, but it is worth at least a little late with braking before unevenness, as you immediately get a solid kick under the tailbone.

But there are a number of reasons why the Mercedes-AMG A45 S can be safely called an urban hatchback. Its 370-liter luggage compartment will fit much more than a croquet set, and the rear passengers will not have to rest their knees on their chins to fill the space between the backs of the seats.

The salon as a whole, with a cursory glance, could have been confused with a donor car, if not for the sports steering wheel with a sloping lower segment, borrowed, again, from the AMG GT. Before our eyes are two huge displays of the MBUX multimedia system, which at first glance may seem too complicated, since the main monitor alone with a speedometer and tachometer has seven different configurations.

17 different buttons and switches stuck to the steering wheel, but in order to turn off, for example, the traffic assistant in the lane, you have to pretty dig into the media system menu. There you can find a lot of amazing things. For example, a lecture on relaxing breathing exercises, which the system will read in a pleasant female voice. Or the seat adjustment function to ensure proper blood flow so that your back and legs do not get tired during long trips. What is not a car for every day?

The Mercedes-AMG A45 S will reach Russia in September, and with it the soplatform “charged” CLA 45 S coupe. Later, the lineup will be replenished with the CLA Shooting Brake station wagon and the GLA crossover. Perhaps, never before has anyone had such a large family of small, but very fast cars.