Review Aston Martin Vantage

Review Aston Martin Vantage

August 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

He does not even try to seem beautiful. The design of the front part in the style of “how it turned out” repels, causes frustration. Absolutely functional things are always beautiful – take at least hunting knives or fighters MiG 29. But then the functionality of simplicity is cunning: look, here are the LEDs to light the road, here’s a huge air intake to cool the engine. To call this giant mouth a radiator grill is to exaggerate. Or to downplay?

At first glance, this face is clear: somehow in one of the most aristocratic families of England the leader of football ultras has grown. There are no such accidents. As the new direction was formulated by Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer: “Even my mother should distinguish one model from another”

So the new cars build the Aston Martin range in a logical step-by-step design. Hypercar Valkyrie – it is understandable. Refined Gran Turismo DB11 – is also understandable. It turned out to be not only beautiful, but also wealthy in its genre. A Vantage … With him, too, everything is clear! I have not yet got behind the wheel, but have already made some assumptions about his character, which subsequently proved to be true.

So Palmer’s instruction works? Vantage is an athlete, this is from a hundred meters clear. And if the front part is “cheated”, then the back is just a clean functional: the diffuser here practically replaces the rear bumper, and even is highlighted in yellow – as the main thesis of a long text. Thin ribbons of taillights may be the best element of Vantage.

But they decided not to experiment with the form. The classic front-engine compartment, there’s nothing to add. Everything is like a textbook. Chief designer Aston Martin Miles Nuremberger passed the basic rule, like a terrible secret: if you hold a straight line along the front pillar, it must fall exactly in the wheel hub.

And this academically correct silhouette is the only one where Aristotle’s aristocratic origins appear, like a private English school for tattoos and boots. Martens. Compare with the Mercedes-AMG GT, which Vantage borrowed the engine: also the aluminum body of the fastback, also the layout of the transaxle, also the rear drive … Only Mercedes violates the rule “rack-hub” and looks like a punisher of lost heretics, and Aston Martin will have to convince something, then other than the exterior.

The kinematics of the door hinges cause them to go up when opening – less chance of contact with the curb. Passers-by turn on the engine start. Good sign. And the sound of the exhaust does not really resemble the Mercedes. Of course, you can not hide such a temperament, but at the bottoms of Vantage it sounds drier, colder, and at high speeds it’s loud and melodious. Firm shootings of AMG at gas discharge tried to control, and coughing up switching, on the contrary, made it brighter.

There are differences and in addition to the exhaust. Here, the usual lubrication system instead of a dry crankcase, other intake and exhaust systems. Power – 510 hp, as on the AMG GT S before upgrading. Despondently, perhaps. Is that the torque is more – 685 Nm versus 650. However, and this is enough to accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

The interior is rich and original. Other epithets are unlikely to please its creators. We will make an amendment to the fact that the pre-series machine was miraculously in our hands. It will not go on sale. Even in the department of cars with mileage. So, the salon is all of the mutually intersecting and absorbing elements. Yes, it’s not flawless, yes, it’s illogical … But these Skoda cars are always understandable and intuitive, and you can adapt to Aston Martin too. The most faithful and unpretentious dogs and cats are domestic, but many overpay for the whims and oddities of pure breeds.

In the Vantage even the visor of the instrument panel is made of several parts. What is the point in these shreds, if you notice them at once? Devices for the latest fashion replaced the screen, but some miracle did not happen – no excitement is caused either by design or informative.

The most logical in this car is the Mercedes-Benz media system with a redesigned Aston Martin interface. This borrowing, for which one is not ashamed – here is a rotary selector with an overhanging touchpad in place.

A year ago in Le Mans I saw the incredible. Two racing Vantage GTE sat on the tail of the Corvette, trying to outrun it. One of Aston Martin lagged behind in a few laps and only supported the leader of the team, the second fought for the victory in the class LMGTE Pro. Before the end of the daily race there were minutes. No one wanted to give in – Corvette was driving at the limit of possibilities, despite the slowly falling pressure in the front left wheel. His pilot under inhuman pressure should inevitably begin to make mistakes. The only question was whether he would last until the finish of the 24-hour marathon.

This battle was so beautiful that I could not take sides: I sincerely sympathized with the defending Corvette – and at the same time admired the persistence of the Aston Martin. As a result, they were on the podium. Fighting like a wounded tiger, Corvette finished third in the class, finishing with dead brakes and smoke from under the wheel with tire rags. Well and the first became Vantage GTE – model of the first generation, the most age-old in all race. And even deafeningly loud mid-engine GT GT had to be content with silver.

Why am I doing this? Any parallels with the racing success of Aston Martin Racing will be strained and untenable, so I’m not talking about that. Those two frantic Vantage GTE are the rear wheels of the new Vantage. They rage, push me in the back, they want to go forward, rolling under an aluminum body, an elaborate salon of finely chopped, but very expensive materials, twice turbocharged with a eight-cylinder engine and all these spacers and radiators.

Vantage is ready to throw the stern even on the “clovers” of Moscow interchanges, and any metal junction helps it. And this with an active rear differential! Normal mode or some god-forgiving Eco is not here: the softest is Sport. There is also Sport + and Track. And already in the Sport + 8-speed automatic transmission ZF gets caught in the gear and it never goes up when you release the gas. He is always ready to attack, and on the tachometer 3500 rpm. In the cabin it’s noisy and tough, but not that it’s shaking. And some unrealized fury hangs in the background.

As the Jaguar F-type SVR in ordinary life is worse than the standard 8-cylinder engine, like the Mercedes-AMG GT R, trained on the Nurburgring, it is unlikely to please the pavers and tram rails with which the GT S gets on well … And Vantage resists what is happening. This is the case when the only version immediately turned out to be extreme.

Engineers of Aston Martin aimed at neither more nor less on the Porsche 911. To be faster Porsche is a utopia, but the sports car is different from the racing one, that in it (sports) it is important not only the time of the circle, but also the pleasure of the pilot. And the nervous nagging Aston promises all possible pleasures: the sharpest reactions to the deviations of the small and not quite round steering (2,4 turns from the stop to the stop), the struggle with constant drifts, sharp attacks on any touch of the gas pedal … But we barely crawl, and tired Moscow heat drivers almost do not pay attention to Aston – it’s not enough, maybe it’s Celica tuning … He would have shown them, but before the bumper yellow taxi ahead of all meter.

The factory pilot instructor Alex, assigned to the car for safety, answers questions about the comparison carefully, as if he is riding a motor scooter over mined ice. Itself is guilty: began to tell, how tested Vantage on a track with competitors. Yes, not just on the track – on the North loop! The mention of the Jaguar F-type SVR does not evoke any enthusiasm in it. Audi R8 – and it a little animated. About Ferrari and Porsche says with respect, but with the passion – only about Aston Martin.

However, when I accidentally mentioned DB11, he began to select words even more carefully. The duty officer “is absolutely different, the class of gran turismo!”. It will soon be written in women’s glossy magazines. But it is impossible to extract more specifics from Alex. And yet he gives out: “Let’s say, leaving on a business trip, I would quietly leave my wife keys from DB11, but from Vantage – no.”

If you believe the factory characteristics, then Vantage is not faster than any of this list. And at the same time it is not the most expensive in it. In any case, Aston Martin will not be easy – the choice of sports cars in this price category is, and many people would consider him the best choice in his life. I do not have to play devil’s lawyer and look for the advantages of Vantage in front of competitors who ate pud rubber on racing tracks. Supercar is one of the most emotional things you can buy for money. And the emotions for the price of Vantage gentlemen from Aston Martin are shipped in full.

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