Review a new Mercedes-Benz CLA 2019

Review a new Mercedes-Benz CLA 2019

July 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The A-Class family has produced the widest model range among Mercedes of all times – it is planned to bring eight different bodies to the market. This time we managed to get acquainted with the “four-door coupe» CLA, but is it really necessary to have such a model? This is with a live A-Class sedan!

Traditionally, for any excess automakers take an extra fee – do you want A-Class with high ground clearance? Pay more money for GLA! Want a solid car than a regular A-class sedan? Pay extra for another sedan! But in this case, you not only overpay for the a la coupe view, but also get more cars. The CLA is substantial 139 mm longer and 34 mm wider than the sedan. All motors work together with their own 7-speed robots.

And CLA relies only multi-link rear suspension. Coupled with a wider track, sandwiched stabilizers and a low center of gravity, the CLA rides more interestingly than other Ashek, giving a feeling of a lower, more accurate and stable machine. Well, just a little bit!

The CLA stabilization system is set to a higher cornering speed, a higher grip limit. In general, this model is exactly the fastest and most interesting in the management of all A-Class. Another thing is that you can feel this difference only on a very good road.

The main thing – before the eyes of the piled rack, low roof, high belt line – all this creates behind the wheel a feeling of a real coupe. But the front panel itself is nothing new.

The roof does not press, above the head is full of space. In the mirrors are clearly visible “muscles” of the rear wings. What is unusual after driving on an ordinary A-class is the feeling that there is a lot of car in the back

Color displays with NVIDIA brains look very elegant – more recently, smartphones would envy such graphics. The voice recognition system for CLA was made by an American company that at one time helped Apple with Siri’s assistant. As a result, the machine understands voice commands spoken in ordinary spoken language.

For example, in response to “I’m cold,” “call my wife,” or “go home,” CLA will reconfigure the air conditioner, find the number in the address book, and pave the navigation. In fact, all this meets with cruel reality – it is possible to get what you want through time. However, for now this is the most advanced multimedia system in the classroom.

The CLA has a motion sensor installed on the ceiling, which, for example, is able to turn on the ceiling over the right passenger seat when you reach for it in the dark behind a bag. Miracles!

Care of proper navigation went even further – it even reminds a bit of paranoia. The correct path is simultaneously shown on the projection display on the windshield, on the dashboard and on the screen of the multimedia system. The image from the front camera is also displayed there, and the navigation arrows in augmented reality mode are superimposed on it.

Owners of models with AMG-package will pay more for gasoline – a wider, aggressive bumper creates greater air resistance. But the sound of the engine in such cars is simply magnificent – it is very melodic, bass and thoroughbred to set up the usual four-cylinder engine. It turns out that the speakers are included in the audio system. The engine gives a natural, vibrant bass, and the speakers give it a sporty color AMG.

It’s hard to believe, but if you ride a bike with a CLA body mounted on it, then you will go faster – the body of the Mercedes has better streamlining than the cyclist. The reason for this and elongated front-wheel drive “face” and a narrower rear track, which makes the CLA form more like a drop.

At first, in perplexity, you look for an electric drive button at the tailgate, but because you remember that this is the A-Class, and the muscular strength here is still worth something.

A side view of the rear passengers is closed by a roof rack, but the seats here are also styled as sports buckets. Somewhere behind them the trunk, with a volume of 460 liters, is even a little more than a regular sedan.