Revealed patent for supercar Lamborghini SCV12

Revealed patent for supercar Lamborghini SCV12

July 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the disposal of the participants of the cars forum were patent images of the Italian supercar Lamborghini SCV12. The car is intended only for driving on a racing track.

Even in these black and white patent images, the Italian supercar doesn’t look as aggressive as in his real photos. Discovered by a Taycan EV forum member, the patent application was actually filed in July 2019.

Since the SCV12 is designed solely to overcome the race track, it does not have to comply with any safety rules, so it does not even have traditional headlights – instead of them a pair of small trapezoidal lamps mounted on the bumper.

The massive rear wing and diffuser of the newest Lambo are probably the most distinctive design features.

Double exhaust tips, similar to cannon, are connected to the most powerful V12 engine in history, which provides more than 830 hp.

We are sure that the specialists of the racing division Lamborghini Squadra Corse as much as possible reduced the weight of their supercar. The car received fixed windows, probably made of polycarbonate.

The combination of such a large power with a small weight and a downforce should promise impressive dynamic capabilities.

The official debut of the newest Lamborghini items is planned for this summer. The supercar will be released in a small edition, and each copy has received a huge price tag.

Not so long ago, we wrote that they showed a boat in the style of a super hybrid Lamborghini Sian. Automobile brand Lamborghini and The Italian Sea Group on Wednesday, July 1, demonstrated a boat. It was developed with an eye on the debut hybrid model of the Italian automaker – Sián.