Retro coupe Porsche 911 will be available next year.

Retro coupe Porsche 911 will be available next year.

June 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Next year, Porsche will present a couple of special Heritage Design models. Some elements of previous decades will be available for the new generation of 911 as additional options.

Nostalgia, as they say, is an ideal marketing strategy in the business world. Things that remind you of good old times or old and legendary cars. Porsche knows about it, and as a brand that is proud of its iconic model – the sports coupe 911, which dates back to the distant 1950s. The guys from the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur department and the Style Porsche design department worked on the new car, which will be called Porsche Heritage.

We met the Heritage Design Package on the 911 Speedster, which was demonstrated at the New York Auto Show. This is a preview of the cars that Porsche wants to create, and just by looking at the images from the auto show, we cannot say that we are not happy with what we have seen.

“For us, it is vital to transfer brand values ​​to the future. Heritage Design models are a deliberate addition to modern hybrid and electric vehicles, part of which are technical innovations, ”said Boris Apenbrink, director of Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles in a German company.

 So, what’s special about the Porsche Heritage design package? In addition to special coloring, these cars contain exquisite textiles to emphasize the interior. Elements such as corduroy, Pepita, Pasha, or tartans are reworked to fit specific models. “Old color maps and equipment, museum vehicles, design elements from the relevant era — we took it all as our inspiration to rethink the design style of the past,” said Ivo van Hulten, Porsche’s interior design director.