Restyling Renault Twingo dropped almost all the camouflage

Restyling Renault Twingo dropped almost all the camouflage

April 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that everything is ready for the presentation of the restyling version of the compact hatchback Twingo of the third generation, as evidenced by the almost total absence of camouflage in the test prototype.

Judging by the published photos, Renault designers decided to add a bit of aggression to the novelty, expressed in the new front bumper air intakes, which can be found, as a rule, on “charged” hot-hatches. Also, the changes touched the central section of the front bumper, which on the prototype is made in the spirit of a compact crossover Kwid. But the hood and front optics, judging by the photos, if they update, it is immaterial.

Behind, too, there are changes: the photographs show that the lights have a rounded shape and another layout with a rectangular cross-section in the center. The bumper will also be significantly updated: it will have a more complex shape than the one that is installed on the current Twingo. It is possible that cars without a panoramic roof will receive a two-tone body – this looks great on cars of this class.

You can expect that in the interior of the restyling model will be a new multimedia system that will support the popular protocols Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Topical Twingo supports these protocols only since March last year, when Renault released updates for multimedia systems models Twingo, Clio and Captur.

Citycar is equipped with three-cylinder motors, which are located in its rear part, which makes Twingo related to the Smart models. This is an atmospheric unit with a capacity of one liter and a yield of 70 horsepower, as well as turbocharged engines with a capacity of 900 cubes, which thanks to a turbo-supercharging can develop a power of 90-110 horsepower. The photos show that the test prototype has received a new exhaust system, so we can assume that the restyling model will sound somewhat different.

In the UK, the price begins with a mark of 10,000 pounds sterling.

On the date of the presentation so far nothing is known, but judging by the fact that the camouflage on the test prototype is not enough, the presentation is just around the corner. By the way, it can happen at the stage of Formula 1 in Monaco, because the pre-style model was introduced in 2013 at this event. The race weekend this year will be held from 24 to 27 May.

Twingo’s sales in Europe are rapidly falling: last year 77,326 copies of this model were sold, against 84,766 cars in 2016 and 95,808 in 2015.