Research: the resource of new Tesla batteries will enough for 3.5 million kilometers

Research: the resource of new Tesla batteries will enough for 3.5 million kilometers

October 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The batteries have withstood 10 thousand charge and discharge cycles, designed for 350 kilometers each

Professor of the Canadian Dalhousie University, Doctor of Chemistry Jeff Dunn, who tests new 4680 batteries in his laboratory at Tesla’s request, shared the results of three years of research, writes And they are impressive to say the least.

So, Dan simulated charge and discharge cycles from 0 to 80%, which is equivalent to about 350 kilometers of run in modern Tesel. After 10 thousand cycles, the batteries were still in working order with an acceptable level of degradation. This is equivalent to a car’s mileage of 3.5 million kilometers.

Moreover, Dan confirmed the well-known fact that batteries deteriorate most of all when fully charged and fully discharged. At the same time, if an incompletely dead battery is recharged by 25-50%, but not to the full level, then even after 15 thousand cycles there is minimal degradation of the batteries, and sometimes it is not observed at all.

According to the professor, daily commutes are ideal, when the charge drops from 80% to 70%, followed by recharging back to 80%. In this case, the battery can last almost forever.

Dan also notes that in mobile devices such as smartphones or laptops, users tend to charge their batteries to 100% and often charge to 0%, which causes them to fail after a few years. In electric cars, this only happens on long journeys, and for daily commuting or other business, nothing of the kind is required.

Let’s add that Dan used enough electricity to charge the battery from 0 to 100% in three hours. This is a relatively gentle mode: modern fast charging terminals are able to fully charge an electric vehicle in about an hour, and from 0 to 80% in half an hour.