Representatives of the American GM told about the first electric pickup

Representatives of the American GM told about the first electric pickup

May 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the plans of the management of the automobile concern GM (General Motors), the electric pickup will be worthy of competition to similar cars from the companies Rivian, Ford and Tesla.

At an event dedicated to announcing the financial results of the American concern General Motors for the first quarter of this year, CEO Mary Barra shared very interesting information. It is reported that the automaker plans to create a fully electric pickup. Unfortunately, no specific information was provided on which brand would sell the model.

In January, in an interview with CNBC, Vice President of GMC brand (part of General Motors concern) Duncan Aldred commented on the possibility of creating an electric truck: “Of course, this is what we are considering.”

 In light of this, a new statement from Ms. Barra points out that the company really decided to create something similar.

GM’s electric pickup will give the automaker the opportunity to stand up to its closest electric competitors. Tesla with its pickups is on the way, but there are still many years before the official presentation of the serial sample. Ford F-150 electric test mules have been captured by journalists more than once, but these are still very early prototypes.

Rivian is an automaker that can really enter the electric car market the fastest. His pickup R1T (shown in the photo) can arrive as early as 2021 and can offer a range of up to 644 km. Rivian engineers are also testing samples of their new products on public roads, but they are hiding under the guise of a Ford F-150.

Rivian recently received an investment of $ 500 million from Ford – a model based on the Rivian platform will be created as part of the collaboration. This model is also different from the electric F-150. Product release date is not yet available.