Rent a 2021 Ford Bronco will be cheaper than the more affordable Bronco Sport

Rent a 2021 Ford Bronco will be cheaper than the more affordable Bronco Sport

January 26, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

According to the official website of the American automaker, leasing the revived Ford Bronco SUV in a smaller Sport version will result in more leasing than in the case of the larger Ford Bronco.

It has long been known that the revived 2021 Ford Bronco SUV will cost a lot more than its “little brother” Bronco Sport. A full-fledged SUV is, of course, larger and more off-road than its equivalent, which is based on the Escape crossover, reflecting its higher asking price.

But when it comes to acquiring both vehicles, it seems that the Bronco will be cheaper than the Bronco Sport despite the price difference – at least when buying a car on lease.

This was announced by the foreign car service CarsDirect, which compared the basic versions of Bronco and Bronco Sport, which are offered at a price of 34 695 and 28 315 dollars, respectively, in both cases, the annual mileage cannot be more than 16 898 km.

For the basic version of the Bronco, the official Ford website showed a monthly payment of $ 314 or RUB 23,505. within 36 months, and in this case $ 3,784 must be paid upon signing the car purchase contract. So the effective rental cost is $ 419 per month.

By comparison, the base version of the Bronco Sport has a monthly rental payment of $ 360 for 36 months with $ 3,192 when leased. That being said, the lowest effective cost for the smaller Bronco is $ 449 per month, which is $ 30 more than the full-fledged Bronco SUV.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Ford introduced the Bronco First Edition Black Onyx salon. Ford announced pre-orders for the Bronco First Edition Black Onyx in December 2020. And today, January 20, the American brand showed the interior of this version.