Renders of the Volkswagen ID.3 electric station wagon

Renders of the Volkswagen ID.3 electric station wagon

January 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The network presented the first images of the electric Volkswagen ID.3 station wagon. Probably, such a version will never be. Nevertheless, it looks cool and quite promising.

Volkswagen goes all-in with its plans with an electric line of new cars. According to the company, they will become bestsellers, and the new platform will become the basis for more than 10 million electric cars. The first model in this family is the VW ID.3 hatchback, which is similar in size to the Golf.

The design of the future news is saturated with corporate style, but has its own identification. In all likelihood, the model will be sold only in the hatchback, as a “green” alternative for the Golf. Nevertheless, independent designer Kleber Silva decided to imagine how he would look in the station wagon.

 To create the concept, the designer pulled the ID.3 roof back and secured a new back. The front end remains identical to the hatchback concept. The glazing line to the rear windows and the overall design also remained the same. The stern design is now more similar to the modern VW Passat station wagon, although it looks much livelier and more relevant.

It is unlikely that she will see the light. However, this does not mean that VW is not thinking about releasing an all-electric station wagon.