Renders of the revived Mitsubishi Lancer sedan hit the network

Renders of the revived Mitsubishi Lancer sedan hit the network

February 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Mitsubishi has redefined its lineup to suit customer preferences. The Japanese abandoned many models. One of them is the iconic Lancer.

According to rumors, Mitsubishi Lancer may return to the assembly line, but this information has not received official confirmation. Independent designer Enoch Gonzalez has shown what a revived Lancer could have become. Images shared by

The reborn Mitsubishi Lancer takes on Mitsubishi’s latest design aesthetics and is more aggressive. The wide grille goes well with the narrow head optics raised slightly upward. And the original lower edge of the bumper gives the sedan a sporty look.

The image is complemented by a relief hood, sharp folds of the body towards the stern, twin tailpipes of the black exhaust system, etc.

In general, the place and role of Mitsubishi in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance will most likely be determined by the model range.

Last year, the alliance presented a revised business strategy, according to which Mitsubishi will serve the regions of Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Meanwhile, the first renderings showed a new generation of the Lexus NX crossover. Designers from Spain have worked on the appearance of the updated premium SUV.