Rendered new generation Nissan GT-R

Rendered new generation Nissan GT-R

October 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The next generation R35 looks like a bullet train.

It was 2007 when Nissan introduced the R35 as the epitome of the GT-R. And now it’s almost 2020, and we still do not have any serious clues about what the future will bring to the famous car. Of course, the Japanese automaker should be insane and not ignore the momentum created by the icon of the legendary supercar. But do not worry about this, at least not in the case of Nissan, which said that the GT-R will have a future.

Will the next generation GT-R be hybrid? On the one hand, market trends point to this way of model development. On the other hand, the whole idea of ​​the R35 was to drive supercars for much less money than, for example, the Lamborghini, and the fuel-electric installation would threaten this for two following reasons.

First of all, the GT-R has already entered the Italian exotic playground. For example, the 2020 GT-R Nismo line will cost $ 212,000, and with a hybrid installation is even more expensive. Secondly, the hybrid installation adds weight, and this is what really interferes with the pursuit of high-speed performance. Of course, as the current generation of toys has shown, Nissan engineers are able to hide it.

On the other hand, the R35 has become one of the most popular drag racing platforms in the world, where cars based on street cars from 3,000 hp are assembled, which can accelerate to a quarter mile in 6.0 seconds. But while Nissan understands all of this, a render appeared on the Web that depicts the next-generation GT-R, the creation of car design student Esa Mustonen.