Render shows Renault 5 Alpine as a sports supermini

Render shows Renault 5 Alpine as a sports supermini

January 26, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The sensational electric car from Renault tried on sports decor in the spirit of cars of the Alpine division. This brand is known for its cool racing cars and sports cars.

Renault is actively introducing electric cars into its model line. Not so long ago, the brand presented a new compact car with zero emissions Prototype 5, inspired by the legendary number “5”. We are talking about the iconic model R5 – a miniature city car, produced between 1972 and 1996 and sold 5.5 million units.

The new electric car received a retro design – a real gift for those who still have special feelings for the original. XTomi tried to imagine what the Prototype 5 might look like after being in the Alpine workshops.

The electric car on the render (it could be called the Renault 5 Alpine or Alpine 5) gets the signature Alpine blue with a contrasting black roof and the side mirrors of the same shade. Strict white stripes are applied along the perimeter of the electric car body, and the wheels have grown noticeably. On the front bumper of the car the inscription “Alpine” flaunts.

The interior of such a car could easily accommodate a pair of sports seats and carbon fiber decor – a prominent component of the sporty character of an electric supermini.

The Renault 5 Alpine would have needed a re-tuned suspension, improved steering and upgraded brakes. The author of the visualization did not change the proportions and shapes of the car. A quick glance at the presented concept and the possible Alpine 5 is difficult to find fundamental differences. However, the general sporty surroundings of the car on the render is made up of just the little things.

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