Renault’s new logo will receive a trendy “flat” design

Renault’s new logo will receive a trendy “flat” design

March 5, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

AutoTimesNews has repeatedly written about the initiatives of the French brand Renault within the framework of a new development strategy called “Renolution”, which was presented by the general director of the Renault group Luca de Meo. One of the points of the new business plan is a logo change.

The Renault logo is facing the most dramatic change in the past 29 years. The French automaker decided to ditch the 3D design familiar to fans of the brand around the world in favor of a simpler 2D design.

By the way, recently, many automakers who have conceived this kind of upgrade are increasingly choosing just such “flat” emblems.

The French did not abandon their roots and retained the familiar rhombus. True, now it will not be three-dimensional: the rhombus is formed by a pair of parallel lines intertwining with each other. At the same time, the changed emblem will embody a new page in the history of the brand. The new concept also allows the integration of light panels into the logo.

When exactly the brand badge will be presented on the serial “Renault” is not reported. According to experts, the new nameplate can try on the electric model Renault Mégane, whose debut is scheduled for the end of 2021.
Recall that by 2025, the automaker wants to present 14 car new products at once, which will be united by the motto “Nouvelle Vague” (translated as “New Wave”). And half of them are electric cars. The first representative of this family is Renault 5. The concept hatchback, by the way, showed a new brand logo. Only then the French did not begin to focus on it. Later, the new emblem reappeared in advertising for the ZOE electric car.

Meanwhile, another French company, Peugeot, presented a new logo. Mark chose a heraldic shield with the image of a lion’s head.