Renault will launch an autonomous taxi of the future in 2030

Renault will launch an autonomous taxi of the future in 2030

March 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Renault brought to the car showroom in Geneva a concept car called EZ-GO. In the company itself, a novelty is called a robotic car, which can be used in the future as a taxi. The vehicle is driven by an electric power unit and is equipped with an autonomous control system. In the future, the machine will receive a serial version. Its appearance is expected in early 2030.

The company said that the novelty is both a car and a service. You can make a trip on it either from a fixed stop or from a convenient point for a passenger. Thus, the concept is a “competitor” of the prototype Sedric (Self-driving car) from Volkswagen, which was presented last year at the Geneva Motor Show.

EZ-GO is equipped with six seats. Thanks to the U-shaped passenger seat are facing each other for more comfortable communication. According to the senior vice president of corporate design of the French brand Lawrence van den Aker, the concept was seriously influenced by black cabs in London and yellow taxis in New York. The novelty uses the all-wheel drive chassis Renault 4CONTROL.

The car lacks the usual side doors, their place was taken by special transparent panels. Also, the model received a panoramic glass roof. Also, the prototype does not have a steering wheel, pedals or other controls. The design of the model received features of the Symbioz concept, which was introduced last year. This prototype gives an idea of ​​Renault’s plans for a car in 2030.

Previously, the alliance Renault-Nissan promised by 2020 to release more than 10 models with autopilot. Equipment for unmanned driving will be installed on popular, mass models. In addition, Renault-Nissan, announced the introduction of a new technology that will increase the level of integration of the smartphone into the car system.

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