Renault will bring unmanned vans couriers to the streets

Renault will bring unmanned vans couriers to the streets

October 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Renault EZ-Pro – is the development of the idea of ​​”bus” EZ-Go in the annex to commercial traffic. The version with the Pro prefix is ​​an unmanned delivery van of the future that can work both with the driver and fully autonomously. Formally, the concept premiere took place at the September exhibition of commercial vehicles in Hanover, but it was shown to the general public in Paris.

The concept of EZ-Pro involves the use of a whole fleet of such machines for urban deliveries. According to Renault, courier services account for almost a third of the traffic in European cities, and the EZ-Pro autonomous system will be able to reduce the number of vehicles, ensuring safe, trouble-free delivery.

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Unlike other similar concepts, EZ-Pro suggests options with a driver-forwarder and the possibility of combining vans in columns. The ro-mobile does not have a steering wheel, and landing in place of the manager is carried out through a vertical front door. To control the side panel provides a multi-function joystick, a number of displays and keys. “We believe that management will not be fully automated, since in the foreseeable future, people will remain at the center of transport activities,” the creators explain.

The manager will sit inside the leading convoy and will be able not only to control the transportation process, but also personally hand over fragile or especially valuable items to customers. As we move from the column will be separated unmanned vans that can independently carry out transportation. In such models, only lockable boxes will be equipped, which customers can open with a smartphone. The same application will help to track the location of goods. Used machines will be able to re-unite in columns and return to the base.