Renault unveils new Kangoo and Express

Renault unveils new Kangoo and Express

November 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The French manufacturer removes the curtain from the all-new Renault Kangoo and its electric version, as well as the Renault Express in one stroke. New items will appear in dealerships from next spring.

The wind of change in the land of corporate cars doesn’t blow as hard as it does in the rest of the automotive world, so it’s no surprise that vans have a much longer lifespan than regular cars. Likewise, the Kangoo: the current second generation of the model, introduced in 2007, was replaced only 13 years later. The brand new Kangoo will be out in the middle of next year.

The new Kangoo will receive a new appearance, the design of which is fully consistent with Renault 2020. However, Renault is not only removing the curtain from the completely new Kangoo, but also Renault Express, which, unlike the new Kangoo, is essentially a Renault Dokker with a more modern Renault “stuffing”. In terms of design, they are very similar, although the Renault Express, based on the Dokker, can be recognized by the smoother rising line of the windows and a different bezel.

The new Renault Kangoo will, of course, again be available on the international market as a van, a “passenger bus” and as a higher quality passenger version. Renault even dares to name the latest MPV, which can be seen as a competitor to cars such as the Citroën Berlingo and Peugeot Rifter.

Of course, the commercial version will again receive a sliding door, behind which there will be a 1.42 meters wide opening, as well as a kind of “floor” “Easy Inside Gallery” on which long objects can be placed. This way, the rest of the cargo space remains available for other things. Thanks to the relatively square headlights, from which the chrome grille elements “flow”, the exterior of the new Kangoo fits perfectly with the design philosophy of cars such as Trafic and Master.

The interior is completely new: the dashboard design, complete with separate display, looks much more modern than the current Kangoo. The Easylink infotainment system is not standard, as are Rear View Assist and “digital” rearview mirror. The more luxurious “MPV version” of the Kangoo can be seen as a rival to cars such as the passenger version of the Peugeot Partner, the Rifter.

The commercial version of the Kangoo will be available in two lengths and comes with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. Specifications and engine specs are not yet known, but apart from the petrol and diesel, the new Kangoo will of course get an all-electric version of the Kangoo ZE.
Renault Express

The Renault Dokker update brought it a new Renault Express name and new technologies. As with the new Kangoo, the Express will be available as a van, a passenger bus and a more luxurious “MPV version” as custom options. Express has a cargo hold of 3.3 cubic meters and has a lower position in the market.

The interior of the Renault Express is similar to the Kangoo, but it is completely different. For example, the gear lever is located lower and the infotainment system is located uncomfortably low on the dashboard. Renault Express is not manufactured in France, but in Tangier, Morocco.