Renault thinks to release a “charged” electric car

Renault thinks to release a “charged” electric car

March 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Against the backdrop of the growing electric car market, there is a demand for hot versions of models.

The French company is going to conduct a study in which it will determine what customers want from the performance of electric cars. This segment of cars is becoming so popular that consumers now expect manufacturers to offer hot options, according to Renault EV boss Gilles Normand.

Although there are no official plans for an EV under the RS brand, Normand said that a hot electric car is likely to have a shorter range than a standard one, and that there is also a question about the lack of engine sound in a high-speed electric car.

“Historically, cars with high performance have less mileage than a regular car, so people will be ready for less mileage, but as far as we are discussing it now. People are also a little worried that there is no noise. If we go on a high-performance car with electric cars, we came to the conclusion that we should generate good noise artificially, ”Normand said.

Renault Product Planning Manager Ali Kassai said earlier that the company wanted to be the first in the segment of powerful electric vehicles. It is possible that the first “charged” new items will appear in three years.