Renault stops assembling diesel cars

Renault stops assembling diesel cars

October 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Thus, only one car with a diesel engine will remain in the model range of the brand.

Renault will stop supplying diesel cars to the UK car market. This became known on Thursday, October 15. These are the Captur, Clio and Kadjar models. The Kadjar SUV is no longer available with a diesel engine and is now only offered with a 1.3-liter turbo petrol engine.

Captur and Clio with diesel engines will stop selling by the end of the year. For these models, in addition to gasoline internal combustion engines, there are already hybrid versions. Thus, in the UK, only the Megane model will remain with a diesel engine. The decision to keep it on sale was made based on the pretty good performance that the diesel Megane demonstrates.

However, to comply with new regulations coming into force in 2021, the diesel engine has been redesigned.

Now the emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere have become much less.

Earlier, Ford announced that it is bringing a hybrid version of the Fiesta to the British car market. This car will replace the diesel version, the sales of which have dropped dramatically lately.