Renault spoke about the new electric car

Renault spoke about the new electric car

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The French novelty with zero emissions will be built on a special platform. Externally, it can be similar to the concept of Symbioz, introduced in 2017.

Renault has been on the electric car market for several years now, and the Zoe model is probably their most successful electric model. It is reported that work is already underway to create a new C-segment model that will compete with the German Volkswagen I.D. hatchback.

“My answer is very clear. Yes, we will go to the C-segment, and yes, we will go there with a larger battery, that’s for sure, ”said the director of the global program Renault in the field of electric vehicles.

“We must find the right time to make sure that we have a competitive offer,” he added, referring to a larger battery that would otherwise make the car too expensive.

  “If you want to go to the C-, D-, E-segment – we can see what the American Tesla and the British Jaguar are doing – you need to use very capacious batteries. This means that at the exit we get very expensive cars. I firmly believe that Renault DNA is the creation of affordable technology, Zoe is our most affordable electric vehicle on the market, and its price is a decisive factor. ”

  It is expected that the compact electric novelty from Renault will not appear until 2022. It will be built on a special platform for electric vehicles, which will be used in conjunction with other partners of the Alliance and should offer a total range of more than 402 km. The use of special architecture will allow you to create a very spacious interior for a C-segment car.