Renault satisfied with the results of the day

Renault satisfied with the results of the day

June 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the second training session at Le Castellet, Renault drivers were outside the top ten, but the team is satisfied with the results of the day.

Niko Hulkenberg (14th): “Good Friday. We did everything we planned, checked the new items. Feelings are very positive.

The day was hot, so it was not easy in the cockpit, but otherwise everything was fine. We have collected a lot of information, especially on long series, but on short ones we need to achieve a better pace. The route is quite complicated, the turns are the most diverse – you need to find the optimal settings. “

Daniel Riccardo (12th): “According to the results, this is not visible, but the sensations from the car are very positive. On all the series of circles I was pleased with her. With Soft tires it’s not easy in hot weather, we couldn’t get the most out of them, but we lost quite a bit and I am looking forward to tomorrow with optimism.

The novelties have shown themselves well, now we need to analyze everything in order to achieve more from them. ”

Nick Chester, Technical Director: “An interesting first day of the weekend. In the morning everything looked good, and in the afternoon we lost a little in speed. On long series of circles, we are very competitive, but in the qualification mode, you need to achieve greater speed.

As expected, there is no big difference in speed between different rubber compounds. We need to analyze the collected data in order to evaluate the effectiveness of new products and find the optimal solution for Saturday. ”