Renault Revealed 2019 Twingo 2019 in Geneva

Renault Revealed 2019 Twingo 2019 in Geneva

March 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The compact siticar continues to lose ground in the European market, and in an attempt to attract more attention to the model, the French concern brought an updated version to the car dealership. The results are still unknown, but the car did not cause a stir.

Around the world, the A-class ultra-compact segment is experiencing a sharp decline in popularity. If in the 2000s, sales of the Renault Twingo model were almost 150-200 thousand units annually, then in 2018 the company managed to sell only 86,221 copies. In an attempt to raise interest and demand, the company’s management decided to present a model in Geneva.

Foreign experts separately noted that Twingo’s problems began not only because of the decline in the popularity of the entire segment. No less significant factor were controversial decisions during the transition from the second to the third generation. The model has become more expensive, received only rear-wheel drive, the equipment is poor, there is no sports version, as well as an unsuccessful design of the hood, which complicates the maintenance of the compact car.

As expected, the Twingo models brought by Renault to Geneva did not attract too much attention. People walked past the booth, heading straight for Renault Megane RS and Alpina A110 models.

Perhaps the model would save the transition to a fully electric transmission, given the high demand for the model Renault Zoe.