Renault presented an electric car for its own car sharing

Renault presented an electric car for its own car sharing

January 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Renault EZ-1 Prototype Provides Fast Battery Change

The Renault concern has introduced a new brand, Mobilize, which will provide short-term rental of various electric vehicles. To quickly launch the new service, it is planned to use the capabilities of the Renault dealer network, which numbers six thousand car dealerships in Europe.

So far, Mobilize has presented the first model of such a vehicle – the compact two-seater EZ-1 electric car. It is a very small machine with a length of only 2.3 meters, which is made from 50% recycled materials and itself is 95% recyclable. In particular, electric vehicle doors are almost entirely made of glass that can be reused.

No technical specifications for the Mobilize are provided. However, the company expects that such cars can be rented out almost around the clock due to the system for quickly changing a dead battery to a charged one. This will also allow to extend the service life of cars, since it is the batteries in electric cars that fail first.

The company estimates that private cars, on average, are not used by their owners 90% of their time. Thus, the transition to carsharing will reduce the number of cars on the streets, and the use of electric cars will reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.