Renault, Nissan, GM and Uber agree to transfer taxi drivers to electric cars

Renault, Nissan, GM and Uber agree to transfer taxi drivers to electric cars

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Taxi operator Uber is working on a dedicated mobile platform to ensure zero emissions. The company needs it in order to electrify travel from 2025. In this matter, partners help her.

The news that major automakers Renault, Nissan and GM have signed new deals with Uber on Wednesday, September 9. Partners are seeking to switch drivers to electric cars.

To achieve this goal, on the eve of Renault and Nissan signed a memorandum of understanding with Uber. The companies are set to stimulate demand for electric vehicles in Europe. Priority countries include the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and Portugal. In general, according to the authors of the “green” project, in five years, half of the taxis will become electric. This figure has been announced for seven European capitals – Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon.

It is known that the future battery novelties of Renault and Nissan may become participants in the project. By the way, the pilot project of Nissan and Uber in the UK has already received positive reviews. As part of this experiment, drivers who want to change to electric cars are given financial incentives. In parallel, various marketing and educational programs are underway.
Teamed up with Uber and American General Motors. So, in the United States, Uber drivers are going to sell new electric cars Chevrolet Bolt at a discount, which was previously intended only for employees of the auto concern. Special prices will also apply to charging accessories.

Earlier, the German company Audi made its contribution to the fight for the environment. The automaker has partnered with Climeworks to build an underground storage facility for carbon dioxide. With its help, it will be possible to compensate for the damage from cars.