Renault is testing the electric version of the Duster crossover

Renault is testing the electric version of the Duster crossover

March 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists published a prototype of the all-electric version of the Renault compact crossover. Apparently this is an early stage of testing, since the novelty was “dressed” in the body of the first-generation Duster.

The French brand Renault is one of the most experienced manufacturers in the automotive industry when it comes to electrification, and it is not surprising that its sister brand from Romania (Dacia) will benefit from this knowledge.

Our colleagues from foreign publications tell us that these pictures were taken on a frozen lake near the Arctic Circle, where the guys from Renault Sport are actually working on a car in which the French racing team will participate in the Andros Trophy series. This competition should receive a fully electric status and apparently this new participant from the French automaker should be an electric performance of Duster. By the way, this copy of the car looks very unusual.

In addition to a wider and longer body compared to the standard first-generation Duster, this prototype also has a roll cage, sports seats and studded tires.

 If you zoom in on the front wheels, you’ll see that larger Brembo brakes are being used, and the rear wheels hide Alpine calipers.

There is no doubt that the entry of the racing team of the Romanian Dacia into the fully electric Andros Trophy race will have a significant impact on the development of the road electric cars of the brand. It is believed that Dacia will launch its first serial electric car at the beginning of the next decade, and this racing car should help engineers with this.