Renault is preparing to debut a compact electric crossover

Renault is preparing to debut a compact electric crossover

April 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Renault will finally enter the European electric SUV segment with its own proposal, which is expected to be presented before the end of 2020.

Following the hot pursuit of the latest Zoe, as well as the City K-ZE, which will be launched in Europe, the unnamed Dacia model will be based on the new CMF-EV platform, which debuted in the 2020 Morphoz concept.

The crossover, codenamed BCB, is slightly larger than the electric supermini and is roughly identical to the new Captur. It is expected that the new model will offer different levels of battery power and capacity, the most capacious of which, according to unofficial data, will be able to cover 550-600 km without recharging. This is hard to believe, since it is difficult to achieve, maintaining weight and price, while remaining in the segment.

    Renault said the EV will be presented at an event from September 29 to October 11. Production is expected to begin at the Renault Douai plant in Northern France, where Espace, Scenic and Talisman are assembled. It is alleged that the first units will go to dealers in the spring of next year.

The publication also says that in 2022 Renault will launch a larger electric SUV based on the same dedicated architecture, which should be similar in size to the Kadjar and codenamed HCC.