Renault is preparing the debut of a completely new crossover HBC

Renault is preparing the debut of a completely new crossover HBC

October 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The premiere of the SUV will be organized as part of the Auto Expo motor show in India, which will open its doors in February 2020. The manufacturer supplied the novelty with a “premium” appearance and a pretty winning motor range.

Renault dealers are waiting for a new cross brand, known under the factory index HBC. In motor shows, he will appear only in the middle of next year. This SUV, whose length does not exceed four meters, is based on the elongated CMF-A platform, which we are familiar with in the Renault Triber cross-train. Journalists of the Car and Bike publication managed to find out that the Renault HBC will get a “premium” appearance, and its design will be made in the style of the current models of the brand.

In the motor line of the new cross, they expect to see a liter 3-cylinder gasoline turbo engine, which, by the way, the manufacturer equips Kwid and Triber. It’s hard to say what is best with returns. On the same “Quid” the engine produces 68 horsepower, and the Triber got a 72-horsepower engine. Available transmissions can be a “mechanic”, “robot” or a variator. But the drive is exclusively front-wheel.

The HBC price is slightly higher than the Triber price tag. Recall that the latter is estimated at least 495,000 rupees. Already now, the future of the global model is predicted for the new crossover from Renault, and in some regional markets SUV can go under the Datsun brand.