Renault is optimistic about the debut of the new engine

Renault is optimistic about the debut of the new engine

January 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Every year, the other manufacturers reduce the backlog from Mercedes in the power and reliability of power plants. Renault F1 Executive Director Marcin Budkowski is optimistic about the start of the season …

Marcin Budkowski: “We are very optimistic about the debut of the new version of the power plant, although it is still the same as with the chassis – the work continues until the last, until the engine is closed and sent to the Grand Prix.

From the point of view of efficiency, the new power plant is in line with expectations, but you need to dot the i in terms of reliability and resource – this process is now continuing at the Viry base.

Our engineers are still working on the power plants, with which we will begin the season. As always, a trade-off between power and reliability is needed. There is always a temptation to make the engine a little more powerful, but then he may not drive the number of races and sessions that we have planned.

Let’s see how this balance will turn out to be, but we assess the situation with optimism. I am sure that Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda are also making progress. Soon find out what will be the ratio of forces on the track. ”