Renault hopes to improve their affairs with the help of the new version of “state employee” Kwid

Renault hopes to improve their affairs with the help of the new version of “state employee” Kwid

December 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In October 2018, at the Paris Motor Show, Renault unveiled an electric “SUV style” concept called K-ZE. The prototype is based on the ultra-cheap hatchback Kwid.

Despite the fact that the European exhibition was chosen as the debut platform for the show car, the Chinese will be the first to get the K-ZE product incarnation, despite the fact that the original Kwid in the Middle Kingdom does not sell – the standard five-door is available in India, South Africa and countries South America.

The electric version of the hatch will be brought to the Chinese market next year, but for the time being it is possible to dream up what a serial “green” car will be – the pictures from the tests of the electric car were published by Bitauto. The car is packed in tight camouflage, but optics, for example, did not mask much: headlights for commercial electric vehicles will get from K-ZE, rear lights are not the same as those of the concept, although they differ from Kwid lighting engineering with a standard engine. Instead of the radiator grille, obviously, they installed a plug – it is decorated with a decorative strip of blue color. Another electric hatchback received new exterior mirror housings.

About the K-ZE power plant at Renault did not provide information, the company only stated that the power reserve of the hatchback on one charge would be approximately 250 kilometers (according to the NEDC cycle). “Fill” the hatch can be both from the usual outlet, and from a special terminal. It is expected that the list of new equipment will include parking sensors, multimedia system with navigator, rear view camera.

For the “heavenly” market, electric vehicle production will be set up at the facilities of the new joint venture e-GT New Energy Automotive – this is a project of Renault, Nissan and Dongfeng. One of the main advantages of the novelty will be the price. So, a couple of years ago it was reported that the cost of the “national” electric Renault car would not exceed 7000-8000 dollars. After the novelty starts in China, it should appear in other countries – in particular, India can become the second market for the “five-door”.

Note, the Renault brand is not doing well in the largest market of the planet: in January-October this year, 47,398 new cars were sold in the China, which is 21% less than a year earlier. For comparison, for ten months of 2017, Citroen sold 100,080 cars (+ 9%) in China, Peugeot dealers sold 123,052 cars (-35%). Apparently, the whole thing is in an extremely meager model range by the standards of China – Renault is represented by only four models, among which, by the way, not a single electric car.