Renault has published details of the new Renault Duster

Renault has published details of the new Renault Duster

February 5, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

According to the results of a frontal crash test, the new Renault Duster received 14.55 points out of 16 possible, which confirms the high level of safety of the new generation SUV.

In preparation for the serial production of the new Renault Duster, the Russian office of the brand conducted an extensive program of internal tests, which included hundreds of different tests – laboratory, bench, run and others.

One of the mandatory procedures is to check the level of protection of the driver and passengers in a frontal collision. The test is carried out according to the internal methodology of the Renault ODB65 group, according to which a car at a speed of 65 km / h crashes into a deformable barrier made of aluminum honeycomb, imitating the front of a passenger car, the overlap zone is 40%, which makes it possible to simulate the most common frontal impact in real life. There are strapped-on dummies in the cabin, sensors on them record the overloads acting on the head, neck, chest, knees, hips and legs of the driver and front passenger during an impact.

The method and assessment of the internal crash test ODB65 is almost completely identical to the ARCAP method, with the collision speed being higher – 65 versus 64 km / h. A version with a diesel engine and all-wheel drive was specially selected for testing, the mass of which before the impact was 1663 kg, which is much heavier than the base modification.

The new Duster takes safety to a new level. The body of the second generation car has been redesigned and is characterized by increased rigidity and strength due to an increase in the proportion of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels, as well as overall design optimization. In particular, the new body has more powerful A-pillars and floor panels, and the sidewalls are now manufactured in a single piece. Even in the basic configuration, the new Renault Duster provides reliable protection for passengers in the event of an accident. The SUV’s arsenal includes a solid power structure of the body, up to 6 airbags (frontal for the driver and front passenger, side front and curtain type), front seat belts with pretensioners and force limiters.

As a result of the impact, which was carried out at the test site in Togliatti, all systems of the car worked normally, the airbag opened on time, the driver’s head hit exactly the center of the pillow, the dummy did not touch the hard parts of the body. According to information from the sensors, the test showed a high “green” degree of protection in the head, neck, hips and knees of the driver and passenger.

To calculate the final result, an assessment of the strength structure of the body is added to the safety measurements of the dummies, in case of violations of which several points can be deducted. After the impact, the windshield remained intact, and the driver’s door easily opened. The experts also noted the excellent behavior of the body structure: they removed the outer contour, assessed the condition of the internal amplifiers and stated that there was no loss of structural integrity of the new Renault Duster.

According to the internal ODB65 methodology, according to the dummy criteria, the new Renault Duster received a result of 14.55 out of 16 possible. This means that any version of the car can count on the highest rating – 4 stars. The excellent result once again confirms Renault’s expertise in passive safety.