Renault has created its own carsharing with electric Mobilize cars

Renault has created its own carsharing with electric Mobilize cars

January 17, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The French automaker has unveiled its new Mobilize division, which will focus on short-term car rental in Europe. The fleet of the newly minted car sharing company will consist of electric vehicles. Renault dealers will help the young brand to declare itself on the old world market.

Mobilize managed to present its “first child” – a miniature electric citycar EZ-1. This neat and stylish little car, whose length is 2.3 meters, can accommodate only two people.

Clients will be able to get inside using a special application on their smartphone.

The French are still silent about the technical characteristics of the novelty. The only thing that the automaker revealed: the EZ-1 will not need to be charged. Instead, you have to change the battery. Charging will be done by the company’s service centers. Such division will help to put machines into operation more quickly, as well as extend their service life.

Interestingly, the new electric car is made up of half recycled materials. Moreover, the car itself can be recycled by 95 percent.

Renault has already tried to make itself known in car-sharing: in European car-sharing services you can find Twingo and Zoe EV. Now the French have taken a more decisive step in the development of this niche.

Earlier AutoTimesNews said that the German company Volkswagen plans to buy a stake in Sixt car sharing. We are talking about 15 percent of the shares. Other shareholders have more modest shares.