Renault has created a new “formula” van

Renault has created a new “formula” van

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Auto will acquire a manual gearbox from Megane RS. The Trafic model will have a version of Formula Edition.

Renault decided to restart production of the Formula Edition series. Model Trafic, equipped with styling for a racing car and a manual gearbox from Megane RS has already entered the car market in Australia.

The main differences of the special version are red inserts on the body, alloy graphite wheels 17 inches, stylish interior details.

The van has both a long and a short base, however, the body is available only in light gray and white. If you compare this model with the “commercial”, in terms of equipment, it will be much richer. The car has diode interior lighting, heated driver’s seats, LED running lights, the ability to start the engine with a button and much more.

The appearance of the new model did not go unnoticed. So, the body has got a wooden floor, the interior has a spectacular lining, also on the front panel there are chrome inserts, and the gear lever has a leather braid.

If we talk about the technical component of the car, the van became the owner of a 138-horsepower turbodiesel engine and a volume of 1.6 liters. The engine works with six-stage “mechanics”.

As for the cost of new items, the minimum figure is approximately forty-two thousand Australian dollars.

An extended wheelbase will increase the price by another fifteen hundred Australian dollars.