Renault expects to earn points with both cars

Renault expects to earn points with both cars

September 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On qualification in Monza Renault racers showed the fifth and sixth time. Before the decisive attempt, all the participants rode too slowly, and already after Renault commented on the results, Nico Hulkenberg was summoned to the stewards.

Daniel Riccardo (5th): “Wonderful qualification for our team, we won the entire third row! Today we did everything right, the result was a good reward. Since the beginning of the weekend we have been in the top six, and in the final of the qualification I managed a good circle. After the summer break, the team is competitive, which is very nice.

In the final attempt, no one wanted to go first, so as not to give the opponent the opportunity to take advantage of slipstream. For me, fifth place is a very worthy result. ”

Nico Hulkenberg (6th): “I am satisfied with the sixth place, but still we could achieve more. Having blocked the wheels in the second session, I lost track of the rhythm and was forced to seek it again. The ending of the final session turned out to be crumpled, because everyone wanted to use the slipstream – here it allows you to play back a few tenths, which can not be done in turns. For this reason, everyone acted a little strange and rode in a tight group. Today we were fast enough, you need to confirm the speed in the race and earn points. “

Alan Permain, Sports Director: “We are very pleased with our qualifications. Here our car is as competitive as it was a week ago at the Spa, fifth and sixth places – a worthy reward for the demonstrated speed.

On Sunday, the forecast promises cooler weather. As for rain, the situation is uncertain, we still expect that the race will take place on a dry track, but we will be ready for any conditions. On Friday, our pace on a long series of circles was very good, we expect to confidently conduct the race and earn a lot of points with both cars. ”