Renault designers want to “draw from scratch” a large pickup truck

Renault designers want to “draw from scratch” a large pickup truck

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As the designer of the French brand said in an interview, “the long-standing dream of all European designers is to create a truck design – and we are interested in the whole process of creation, from start to finish.”

Pickups are usually not very popular among buyers of new cars in Europe. Narrower roads of the continent and more densely populated cities compared to North America (pickups are very popular there) force motorists to buy smaller and more efficient (in terms of fuel consumption) cars. The so-called C-segment, where the most popular Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Renault Megane are still the best-selling segment.

 For most European manufacturers, pickups are not of particular interest and brands such as Opel, Citroen, Skoda and many others have never offered their customers such cars. That is why the designers of these brands probably never designed pickups. At least that’s what one of Renault’s leading designers thinks.

“For Renault, pickups are by no means the most popular type of vehicle,” said French car designer Francois Lebione in an interview with CarsGuide.

“Yes, we have an Alaskan pickup truck that was created by the Renault / Nissan / Mitsubishi alliance, as well as another Renault Oroch truck based on the Dacia Duster crossover. But as a designer, I would really like to completely draw a pickup from scratch, especially a large one, this is an old dream of all European designers. We don’t see such vehicles on the streets, and I’ll tell you, designers like to work on something they don’t usually encounter. ”

 Mr. Lebione seems to be a fan of Tesla’s American, all-electric Cybertruck pickup truck, which has been criticized by many for its angular and unconventional design. “As a demonstration of design insights, this electric car is perfect,” he told the publication. “There is no better way to be recognized as a designer than to create something simple and at the same time bright and new. Can I do something like this? I dont know … “.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new generation of the Renault Kadjar crossover will receive hybrid engines. At the same time, the second generation SUV will retain gasoline and diesel engines. The appearance of new items is expected next year.