Renault closes bases and reduces salaries

Renault closes bases and reduces salaries

April 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Renault team announced additional measures taken in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. So the team bases in Viry and Enstone, closed on March 30, will remain closed until May 3, inclusive.

In addition, employees on the base in Viri were transferred to part-time work from April 6. Previously, on such a schedule, the base will work 12 weeks, but the period can be reduced or extended depending on the development of the situation.

Most of the employees at the base in Enstone from April 1 were sent on vacation until May 31 with the preservation of 80% of the salary, part of which will be paid by the British government. In the same proportions, the salaries of management personnel and those who remained to work at the base were reduced. The period of forced leave may be extended or reduced.

Cyril Abitebul, managing director of Renault Sport Racing: “The very difficult humanitarian and social conditions that we encountered, as well as the severe restrictions in France, England and the countries hosting the Grand Prix, do not yet allow us to assess what impact this will have on our sport .

We must use all the tools at our disposal to survive the period of uncertainty and inaction as painlessly as possible, protecting the team that we have been building for the last four years. ”