Renault Captur leaves one of the markets

Renault Captur leaves one of the markets

June 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The compact crossover showed low sales in India, which prompted the automaker to make a difficult decision.

The compact cross Renault Captur showed unsuccessful sales figures at the Indian car market: only 6,600 cars a year. The same Lamborghini Urus at the end of 2019 was snapped up much more willingly – about 8,200 copies sold. Such statistics did not in the best way affect the fate of the model: Renault decided to stop selling crossover in India.

Indian Renault Captur is an analogue of SUV. They have one platform, but the lines of available motors are different. Version for India could be equipped with a turbodiesel. A less fundamental difference between the two versions is the letter in the name (Captur-Kaptur).

Why Indian motorists so coldly perceived Renault Captur – a mystery. The segment of crossovers and SUVs is very popular here. For the same KIA Seltos gather entire lines.

We have a new Renault Kaptur debuted at the beginning of this month. Outwardly, the cross remained practically unchanged, and the entire main upgrade fell on the cabin and equipment list.