Renault built an electric drone EZ-Pro for the delivery of goods

Renault built an electric drone EZ-Pro for the delivery of goods

September 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the commercial auto show in Hanover, Germany, another loud premiere took place. And if the Japanese company Nissan surprised those present with a special version of the Navara pickup truck with a telescope and astronomical equipment, then the French Renault introduced the concept car, radically changing the idea of ​​cargo transportation.

Renault showed a conceptual version of the drone EZ-Pro, which successfully copes with the role of “courier”, delivering packages to customers. The concept car, in shape resembling a capsule on wheels, can move independently or become part of a column. If desired, such a robotic platform can be turned into a point of delivery of goods. To pick up the order, it’s enough to approach the parked EZ-Pro and use the smartphone to open the desired cell in the cargo hold.

A special application will help the recipient not only to easily pick up the thing intended for him, but also to monitor the movement of the order in online mode, as well as to specify the place of delivery and the exact time.

The concept of an electric robot-courier can move without the help of a driver, but without a human there still could not be avoided. EZ-Pro has an assistant, which is called the elegant French word “concierge” with the light hand of the developers. He ensures that the customer receives his order on time, and also deals with logistics and the maintenance of the column – there is a head and slave platform, which together form a very futuristic “locomotive”. In addition, the concierge will hand over “valuable” parcels to clients “personally in hand”.

Interestingly, with its original design, the new drones are obliged to the usual lunchbox. It was this box with the reclining lid in the side that inspired the specialists who developed the appearance and functionality of the stand-alone concept. About whether it is worthwhile to expect a serial production of such cars in the near future, it is not yet known. However, experts do not exclude that the first robots-deliverers from Renault will leave on roads of large cities already by 2030.