Renault brought to the tests a fully electric Duster

Renault brought to the tests a fully electric Duster

March 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Electric cars are at the peak of the dynamics of development and popularity. Therefore, it is not surprising that most companies strive to “break into” this segment in the entire price range.

The budget brand Renault (Dacia), based in Romania, has established itself in many European markets due to the availability of its models. For example, the Sandero hatchback is the cheapest new car in many countries, and the Duster is the most affordable crossover. The only disadvantage of this brand is safety, which is at the level of three stars in Euro NCAP.

Despite the brand’s overall budget, the Renault concern is preparing an affordable electric car based on the Duster crossover. It is expected that it will appear in the years 2021-2022. And now we see that the company has already begun work. At least, the prototype electric vehicle in the body of the crossover has already entered the road test.

It is worth noting that the car was tested by a specialized unit of Renault Sport on a frozen lake near the Arctic Circle. It is possible, given the body and some details, now preparing the racing version of the car Dacia Duster EV.

But apparently, the company Duster, thanks to the parent concern Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi can get enough technology for electric vehicles. Therefore, the serial version can be seen soon.