Renault announced the launch of a hybrid line of E-Tech

Renault announced the launch of a hybrid line of E-Tech

March 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the beginning of this year, Renault, which for a long time had all-electric models, took a rather remarkable step by releasing its new (plug-in) E-Tech hybrids.

    Philippe Brunet, head of Renault and Dacia’s powertrain division, explains that Renault E-Tech is for the European market only. “Our new hybrid technology targets markets where stricter CO2 regulations are in place. This created Renault’s new E-Tech, in which we think about European consumers. Individuals say goodbye to diesel. We want to adapt these people to this new technology. ”

Brunet also sees hybrid powertrain as the best way to tie consumers to all-electric driving. According to him, at present, E-Tech is an excellent intermediary for gasoline drivers who drive a little, but consider the electric car too expensive.

The plug-in hybrid option offers the best compromise in total cost of ownership. According to the Frenchman, the price of a full-fledged electric car is still the biggest problem, so he hopes that the price of battery production will be reduced by 50% and is making every effort to achieve this.

Renault wants to make the Clio a self-loading hybrid, while the Captur will become a true plug-in hybrid car. First of all, because Clio is located in a lower price segment, which makes it logical to introduce the least expensive innovations. In addition, it is quite difficult to install such a battery without losing useful internal space in such a compact model.

Renault now has three models with E-Tech technology: the Clio hybrid and the Captur and Mégane Estate plug-in hybrids. After Zoe and Twingo ZE, a new “electric offensive” will begin in 2021 and 2022. Then Renault will deliver a series of new electric vehicles.